December 14, 2014

Oikawa fishing on Dec 14.

Went to Oikawa fishing to same river as last week.

It was no rise on the day but I fished on simple dryfly (#20) at midmorning.

It's almost ending autumn leaves.

There is a river very transparent water.

You know, when I fishing on transparent water, it looks a fish on the air or colorful shadowgraph.
Pretty beautiful!

Water wagtail. It's typical lovely bird in river.

Lunch time.

After lunch time I was fishing on nymphing.

On nymph.

On pheasant tail nymph.

Break. Irish coffee and chocolate.

It was cold day. Actually 8 degree and 11 degree as water temperature.
Normally Oikawa fish will be deeper area in winter but I can still fishing on shallow river. It's fantastic!

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