June 02, 2015

Much people, slow fish.

Yoshi and I went to fly fishing to Oshino. It was very tough.

Trout stream and Mt Fuji, it's super fine day!

It was fine day but there are too much fishermen at river and very slow trout.
I got just two... :(

Looking good, Yoshi!

He caught nice rainbows.
Finally he caught six trout on nymph. Good job!

After five o'clock, it began to hatched mayfly. 

Flying spinner.

I caught lovely brownie on mayfly.

It's pretty beautiful brownie!! ;)

Hit fly: spinner #16.

Mt Fuji at evening.

A caddis.

At evening, I caught a rainbow.
This is final fish of the day.

"Oshino" is the most famous spring creek for trout fishing and there is many many fishermen everyday. So there is Not easy for fish.

Why don't you try own skill in Oshino?! Enjoy!

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