April 22, 2015

About fly rod for Japanese trout fishing

Sometimes I receive a question about fly tackle for Japanese trout.

Yamame in mountain stream.

Generally I recommend 2 to 4 wight for mountain stream because there are domestic fishes that are Yamame and Iwana, growing up to 35 cm / 14 inch in general. We will fish up about 20 cm / 8 inch length of fish in normal.
And Japanese typical mountain stream is strong current and narrow river, and those river running in mountain forest. So you should using less than 8 feet in rod length.
Actually my usual graphite fly rod is 3 weight and 7 feet length for mountain stream.

A mountain stream.

In Oshino district of Katsuragawa river that is our usual guiding river, recommend 3 to 5 weight and 8 to 9 feet length in fly rod.
There is stream in forest but more wide than mountain stream and bigger fish also. You may catch Yamame, Iwana, Rainbow trout and Brown trout.

Oshino. Japanese No 1 famous spring creek for fly fishing.

Brown trout in Oshino.

If you like fly fishing in lake, I recommend 6 to 8 wight and longer than 8'6".
For carp? Same rod of lake fishing.

Please contact me if you need more information about fly fishing in Japan.
Of course, we will provide guide for fly fishing, lure fishing and coarse fishing. Let me know your favorite fishing style!


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