August 10, 2015

Downtown kayaking in Tokyo!

Erin and Dan are Australian guest and I guided paddling trip to downtown of Tokyo.

Erin and Dan, are you ready? Here we go!

There are gentle water and also very close to a station.

There is Kyu-Nakagawa canal and popular boating place.
We can see paddling boat, rowing boat, pleasure boat and many fisherman. 

Quick rest under rail bridge.

There are cherry blossom trees on bank and famous Hanami spot in spring. 

Into a narrow canal where is my favorite spot.

Small pedestrian bridge, is sexy i think!

Bridge, bridge, bridge and bridge!

Paddle beside Tokyo Sky Tree tower.

It was very hot day but there was cool spot under bridge.

There are many fishermen in these canal and fished up goby.

Onagigawa canal.
About 300 years ago, Matsuo Basyo was boating in the canal too.
And he wrote the haiku,
"If you go by the end of the arrow Komatsugawa hydrogenated in the fall,
Upstream and downstream, and this friends of the month".

We were paddling from Kyu-Nakagawa, Kita jikkengawa,
Yoko jikkengawa, Onagigawa and back to Kyu-Nakagawa.

You were good paddling!

Map of canal boating.

The downtown canal boating is my favorite sports. You may see another side of Tokyo if join us paddling.
Why don't you go exploring Tokyo water way!

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