November 17, 2015

Tiny fly fishing adventure in Tokyo

When I went to fishing for Smallmouth bass at last month, I found a lovely small stream. I thought there is paradise of Oikawa / Pale chub and went to fishing with tiny fly fishing outfit, I made!

 □ □ □

There is a small tributary of Tamagawa river.

Walked through riparian forest and footpath.

A river beside forest.

Preparing stuff.

This is original outfit, I made.
It's homage to vintage "Banty 44" by Abercrombie & Fitch.

Midge flies assortment by myself.

The first fish of the day is "Kawamutsu".

Oikawa / Pale chub

Had a lunch about one hour after

There is an open water.

This Kawamutsu was bigone of the day. :)
Caught on pheasant tail nymph #20.

And I changed fly to bigger nymph, BH-PTN #14.

I did it.

Certainly it is not trout fishing however I love that casual fly fishing!
It's also Tokyo style. Enjoy!

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