October 10, 2016

Fly fishing at evening and morning in Iriomote Island

My family and I went to Iriomote island where is almost southwest end of Japan and mangrove jungle island. There is subtropical island.

At first, I went to boat fishing in a river. Someone said me that we can fish Bream, Jungle perch, Mangrove jack and a kind of tarpon usually. However I got just a bream... It was murky and colder water in the river for hard rain at daytime :(.

Bream on popper.

Nice fish!

Next morning, I went to fishing alone again to mangrove river close to hotel. Actually it takes 15 minutes by walk from hotel.
And I fished many "Kotohiki / Crescent perch" (Terapon jarbua). They are not so big fish but very active fish and good fish for fly fishing, I think.

Young mangrove tree.

I was fishing a river mouth.

First fish  in the morning on red popper. Beautiful fish!

Green popper was suit for jungle I thought.

And green popper got a fish too.


And cicada fly was working too!

I saw many a kind of goby beside my feet.

And I took brown fly. Does it look like goby?

Yes, I did on goby fly.

Oh, there are so many small crabs!

Looks like crab?

Yes, I did.

And I got it on shrimp fly too!

□ □ □

Mount Fuji at evening.

*This was my private trip and I can't guide there. However I can provide something information if you desire. Thanks and have a good trip!

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