February 13, 2017

Fly casting trial

 Last Sunday, I lectured fly casting for Fukui-san who is second time fly casting. A month ago he went to fly fishing to a fishpond and got many nice fishes, so he wanted to learn fly fishing/casting for real.

 Actually, Fukui-san is a kind of veteran Bass angler. Especially, is Top-water plugging junky and he is casting cool plugs almost all over the year from float tube! And that he likes vintage tackle just same with me. ;)

 In the fly casting trial, I taught four basic skills of fly casting in two hours.

  1. Roll cast
  2. Pick up and Lay down
  3. False cast
  4. Shoot

 Certainly, there are NOT so easy for beginner but Fukui-san almost got master skills finally. 
 Fukui-san, thank you for join with me and let's go to Bass on fly in warm day comming!

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Oshino on September 9

 It was fine day and still hot as mid summer at daytime.  Green, green and green on bank and also water grass.