August 02, 2017

Salvelinus trip again!

 My friend Yoshi and I went to fly fishing trip for Iwana (Japanese char / Salvelinus), again. Last trip was in June and it was early summer. And this time is mid summer and it's best season for Salvelinus in Japan i think. Here we go!

We had been three days in the river and I saw Japanese serow that is one of special natural monument in Japan and more difficult meet than bear. Actually it was pretty fantastic experience for me! 

 After serow was gone, I was restart fishing on usual Royal coachman that is the my best favorite dry fly on summer.

 And fish on!
 It's Amago and almost Yamame that is landlocked Cherry salmon. So beautiful.

 And I caught Salvelinus after change fly to Light cahill. It's beautiful fish too.

 To be truthful, its were Not good condition during our fishing days. Yoshi couldn't touch nothing. Actually he isn't expert fly angler yet and I did lesson again how to fish Salvelinus in mountain stream.

 Yoshi, look at my fishing, standing spot, presentation point, natural drifting lane of current, etc. And I got a Salvelinus before his face. ;)

 Finally, he caught two Salvelinus. Actually it was very very slow. Good job, Yoshi!


 And "Hira-san" thank you so much for your hospitality. I'm very happy and proud of you.

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