October 09, 2017

Trip to Iriomote island

 My family and I went to trip to Iriomote island on autumn break. It was family trip and I couldn't go long time fishing however I was fun very much! ;)

 One morning, I went to fishing to tidal river mouth close to our hotel before wake up my family. It was darkness world yet and I walked on high tide beach under full moon. Felt something vitality both behind forest and in the water.

 I saw running minnow on surface when I arrival mangrove bush. I choose balsa wood popper, cast, pop and fish!
 The first fish of this trip was something trevally that is one of my favorite fish for light salt water fly fishing.

 After rising Sun, I got strange fish under a branches of Mangrove. It's beautiful yellow fin and lovely fish. I don't know english name.

 One daytime, I leaved shopping and went to river!
 I found several cluster of minnow from bridge and I felt strongly the predator fish is here!

 Went to under the bridge and cast a popper to edge of cluster. It was strong wind and high tide, so there were much fragments of seaweed and leaves. But my popper has weedless guard by 30 lb nylon. Actually it was very functional.  

 I caught three "Mangrove Jack" at here. Really nice fish, you see!

 At last, one evening I went to boat fishing in mangrove river. It was so exciting fly fishing same as wading.
 Last year, I caught Sea Bream on same boat and I got nice Mangrove Jack in this time!
 Pretty cool and really beautiful fish is.

 Actually, I tied shrimp flies before trip but I didn't using it. Topwater fly fishing is my best pleasure.

 Tight line!

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