July 07, 2014

Evening rise at Oshino

July 6.
I went to fly fishing to Oshino district of Katsuragawa river, there is our usual stream at foot of Mt. Fuji.

Royal coachman dry is my favorite in summer.
Especially it has white wing and very visible at evening time.

The day was tough condition and so many anglers fishing in Oshino, one after the other.
Actually, there is the mecca of fly fishing in Japan!

There is popular spot and several trouts rise every time
and several angler fishing every time. :)

The first fish of the day, I caught vital Rainbow.

The fly is the Spinner, standard dry fly.

See you, boy!

Mates; Nao and SN.

Empty shell of cicada.

Sedge as terrestrial insect.

Caught baby rainbow.

At evening time, I caught several Brown trouts one after another on Royal coachman. It was so exiting evening rise fishing!

I tied royal coachman dry for evening.
It's bigger wing than normal one and very visible in evenfall.

Keep casting and tight line!

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