June 16, 2015

Kayak "Smallie" fishing camp

Our team went to fishing camp for Smallie to Lake Hibara where is a highland lake in Fukushima pref.

We were fishing on lure or fly from kayak. The lake is pretty beautiful and enjoyed fishing for the smallmouth bass as trout.

My favorite "classic" tackle.
ABU, Feralite Safari + Delta 5.
Farlows, The Brunswick + ATH, Lake Taupo F3.

Flies for smallie.

Hatched large mayfly and spinner fall at evening. 

There were rising very much and caught smallies on mayfly. 

Mayfly spent.

Sunset view from kayak.

I had curry rice and noodle for dinner.
We cooked own dinner each other.
It was our individual style. 

Go out at morning.

I got just a smallie on muddler minnow at second day. :(

A member SN caught big one that was 39 cm length on Foam Beetle #12.
Sometimes, big fish took small bait, isn't it!

The second day, there was slow fish for me... 

I couldn't big fishing but it was pretty lovely fishing days.
Thank you for member, lake, nature and smallie. I love it!

Tight line!

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