October 22, 2015

No bass, no bluegill and no fish...

I went to fishing to lake Kawaguchi with Fuad and his wife who are my first friends from Malaysia.
Usually we can fish up Largemouth bass, Bluegill and carp. In usual...

Lake Kawaguchi is one of five lakes of Mt Fuji.
Beautiful nature, clear water however no fish. :(

We went to the lake by highway bus and it takes two hours.

At first, we had a lunch when we arrived at the lake.

Let's fishing!

Choosing a lure. Which type of lure do you like?

We were fishing on lava zone when Mt fuji erupted long time ago.

Caught nothing and Fuad put one's head in his hand... :(

I tried fly fishing / Bass bugging.

Stimulator, one of my favorite big terrestrial flies.

That was pretty beautiful lake Kawaguchi at evening!

Mr and Mrs and Mt Fuji. :)
Finally we caught nothing... Sorry for no fish. :(
It was too much difficult fishing and I can say many excuse; cold, rain two days ago, high rise water and even fine day!
Actually, fishing is Not easy...

However it is very beautiful landscape at the lake and I'm happy if you were enjoy Japanese nature, my friends.
Thanks and keep casting!

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