April 13, 2016

Talk about Elk hair caddis

ELK HAIR CADDIS that is the standard of dry fly.

It's pretty simple fly but floating well, visible and so effective.
Actually I will use that fly as caddis, mayfly dun and also terrestrial insect.

Usually I tied it on peacock herl body.

And caught a native Japanese char.

This fly is no body material and no hackle too.
This is the most simple style.

Of course, it's also effective fly.

Shabby elk hair caddis.

He got a nice char on Elk hair caddis in Oshino where is the mecca of fly fishing in Japan.

As you know, Elk hair caddis is very very simple fly therefore everybody have a sort of persistence for the fly.
Someone may say "the hair wing is much longer than body". Someone may say "don't need body hackle".
Actually every opinions are correct. Every flies are able to catch a fish and I'm worry this and that at night...

Enjoy fly tying!

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