June 03, 2016

Handmade lures

I like go to fishing with lure that I made.

I caught beautiful perch on my bottle cap spoon that I made when I was boy.

Nice smallie on Balsa wood plug.

Have to repair and try again fish.

Small fish on small plug.

Green and square body popper. 

Pumpkin seed on yellow pencil lure.

A round shape popper was swallowed by Larghmouth bass.

Beautiful bass.

This is lip-less minnow.

Usually I make lure with balsa wood and . It can be shaping easy.
And now I want to say why don't you make own lures?! I promise you that you will be more fun if you catch same fish on own made lure.

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A carping day

This was my last fishing in 2018 year and it's a carping day.