August 02, 2016

Trip again for Salvelinus on fly fishing

Went to Fukui prefecture again for Salvelinus fishing. There is a rain forest that something fairy lives. It's true!

Nao and I. Let's go to Salvelinus!

Into the headwaters.

Something "Kamaji" of Totoro I think. :)

Nice to meet you, Salvelinus!

Mysterious forest.

What's a tiny frog!

Dark colored Salvelinus.

Go ahead as worm on the water.

Caddis larva I think.

Small but beautiful.

So lovely!

Beautiful fish indeed!

Mysterious light shower in forest.

A river crab.

I got wet summer shower.

See you.

It was pretty fantastic experience in mountain stream. There is something sanctuary of Salvelinus and animals.
I want to back soon later as possible...

Thank you watching and tight line!

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