September 20, 2016

Colorado style meets Japanese trout! Day 2

Kevin and I went to "Oshino", the spring creek on 2nd day. Oshino is the mecca of fly fishing in Japan and many fly fishermen gathering at popular point every time.

We started fishing in forest area of the river that is my favorite situation. Let's go fish on Colorado style again, Kevin! ;)

Few minutes later, Kevin caught first trout of the day!

On dryfly.

Caught again!

I caught rainbow trout on pheasant tail nymph that is my usual nymph fly.

Fish again.

Caught Brookie too.

Nice rainbow trout several times.

Moved to point in upstream.

Caught rainbow trout on dryfly.
Hit fly is a pheasant tail red spinner #18.

Kevin on a bridge.

Cloudy mount Fuji and Kevin.

Kevin and I had fun very much for fly fishing two days! I was very exiting and interested in Colorado style.
Kevin, thank you very much and let's go fishing trip again in feature! Tight line!!

Oshino will close fishing season from October 1st to March 14th.


  1. はじめまして、Colorado styleなフライフィッシングは忍野でも良く釣れるんですね!Excitingな感じがつたわってきました。来年の解禁が今から待ち遠しいです。

    1. K Sakana 様


A carping day

This was my last fishing in 2018 year and it's a carping day.