September 26, 2017

Final fishing at Oshino in this season

 Generally, river trout season will be close September 30th. And I went to final fishing to Oshino in this season.

 I got first fish of the day on "BH midge larva" and it was my biggest record fish in Oshino in this season. Really beautiful rainbow trout is it. I did it! :)

 The day was fine day but didn't anything hatch and rise too at morning. So I choose nymph and it was lovely fishing.

 Probably, it was 14:30, I saw something mayfly flying on the river and I caught trout on dryfly also. I didn't have mayfly imitation in my box and took a Royal coachman with light ginger hackle. Actually, Royal coachman is my best favorite dryfly.

 Already I caught many trout on the fly and it's really shabby. It will became one of the lucky item in my box.

 At evening, I caught smallest trout in the day on dryfly again, after caught some trout on nymph. In the day, I got biggest fish at first and smallest one at last of this season.
 Lovely day indeed and I will be back at next March. Tight line!

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