November 18, 2017

Autumn leaves and Tenkara trip

Jason and I went to Tenkara trip and feel autumn nature. It was really peaceful day!

Jason is in business trip now and joined my fishing trip in his holiday. Actually it is too late trout fishing season and we went to a private river, it takes 2.5 hours by train and bus from Shinjuku.

It's mid autumn and beautiful nature in the riverside. We can see colorful leaves and deep breathe fresh air.

This trip was Jason's first time of tenkara and he learned basic skill of tenkara fishing. You know, it's really simple and I think it's one of nature of Japanese culture or philosophy.

And now, I recommend Tenkara fishing if you want to understand Japanese "Zen" philosophy!

After fishing, we enjoyed chatting, caffee and got warm on fireplace in the clubhouse.
Thank you Jason and see you next time. Tight line!

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