June 28, 2018

First Salvelinus trip in 2018

I went to fly fishing expedition for "Salvelinus" / Japanese char to Fukui prefecture.
There are my friend Hira-san's home rivers and we enjoyed lovely, lovely, really lovely fishing!

First of all, I went to fishing in a headwaters in forest. It's really green world and we got several Native Salverinus that called Yamato-Iwana in Japanese.

And in second river, we got colorful of Salvelinus and the river is typical mountainstream in Japan. 

In third river, I caught a strange fish that is "Ayukake" in Japanese common name and also "Araregako" in local name. It looks like a kind of gobby but it isn't. Rather close to a kind of Sculpin and it's one of Natural monument in Japan.

After Ayukake, I caught also Amago that is one of landlocked salmon and pretty beautiful fish!

This trip was a kind of treasure hunting for me. And I want to go trip again next mounth... ;)

Tight line!

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