May 02, 2015

Wetfly magic in Oshino!

May 1. NY and I went to fly fishing trip to Oshino, Katsuragawa.

Wow! It's Brookie!

It was lovely day.
We found chironomid and small mayfly. Not yet caddis.

I caught first fish on midge dry(#20).

NY caught his first fish on Red tag, wetfly.

Nice rainbow on Red tag.

I caught rainbow on small nymph.

On nymph again.

At evening, I choose wetfly.

A rainbow.

A Yamame as smelt.

And finally I fished up the Brookie!
That is not only today's big one but also the record of Brook trout in my life!
It's pretty fantastic!!

These flies of right are hit flies.

NY caught also beautiful rainbow on Elk hair caddis at evening.

You know, trout fishing is a huge variety of style, isn't it?!
Which style do you like? and why don't you try your style in Japan?!

Tight line!

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