May 31, 2015

Stan, Fish on!

Stan and I went to Catfishing to Tamagawa river, last Friday.

Our fishing point is close to Shinjuku station that is one of biggest terminal in the world. Actually it takes 40 minutes by train.

It was rainy day. When we arrived river, it was just shower.
But it got up strong rain by little and little.

Stan and I kept casting frenzy lures
and Jitterbug is the best my favorite lure for catfish.

After 19:00. The monster came down on his lure!
It was crazy dance on surface!!

Got it at the end!

You did it, Stan!
This catfish isn't only his first fish in Japan but also pretty big one!
Actually it's  almost max size of Japanese catfish. Fantastic job! 

How did you feel about Japanese catfishing, Stan?!
It was slow day for rain but you had good patience and got lucky at the last! Excellent!!

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