June 14, 2016

Smallies on fly in lake Hibara

Our team and I went to annual fishing trip to lake Hibara, Fukusshima pref. for Smallmouth bass.

Mt Bandai on the lake.

We had been camping and go to fishing on kayak.

"Fish or die" printed on my shirt!

There is beautiful forest around the lake and very much terrestrial insect.
You know, pretty match for fly fishing! ;)

First Smallmouth bass I caught on Pop'n Cicada.

Another cicada again.

Big mouth of Smallmouth bass. ;)

Baby on Gurgler.

Beauty on Froggy!
Early 70s tackle by ABU. "Feralite Safari Zoom" and "Delta 5".

Smallie and classic cane rod.
Farlow's "The Brunswick" rod and Hardy's "Uniqua" reel.

Pretty beautiful sunset on the lake.

Well, we could not catch big one in this trip but it was lovely day indeed. Smallie is also great fish for fly, isn't it?!
Tight line!

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