June 02, 2016


It's summer. Don't forget some cicada, fishing in Japan!!!

Which is the real cicada? ;)

Do you know how many species eating Cicada in Japan?

Largemouth bass

Smallmouth bass

Japanese catfish

And even carp too!

Cicada lures.

Of course, Japanese trout and char like Cicada too!

Foam cicada.

Japanese char

PaddleFreaks's "Pop'n Cicada" version 2016 for Bass and Trout.

You know, "collecting insect" might one of Japanese culture. Actually almost guys had been collecting insect when were boys. And one or two in a class became Dr. insect. He had super knowledge same as phd!
About me? No, I'm not. I was just a master at best.

Have fun with some Cicada and tight line!

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