May 30, 2016

Third times Oshino in May.

Yoji and I went to "Oshino" on Sunday.
He said "I have ten more career of fly fishing but I'm bigener yet because I went to just one or two times fishing every year".
Yoji, no problem. Certainly fly fishing is Not easy. But the Nature will teach us how to catch a fish.
Let's go!

It's fine day and almost summer I think. Actually it was not so good for trout but don't give up for fish.
"Wait and see" is the important especially slow condition. 

Mt Fuji and I.
Thanks photographing, Yoji! ;)

Beautiful but too much fine day for fish.

Something small black cadis on my shirt.
Don't miss it! it's maybe message from the nature.

I choose small black wetfly.

And I did it!
Nice rainbow and he was gone to river before take a face photo.

Hey Yoji, it's your time!

Yoji, fish on!
Yamame trout biting his Griffith's gnat. 

Nice fish!

This is his first trout at Oshino in his fly fishing life. Congrats Yoji!

And you too, keep casting and tight line!

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