May 24, 2016

Second times Oshino in May

Snuf and I went to fly fishing to Oshino, May 22. It was second times in Oshino for me.
Snuf was my Bass fishing friend from over 10 years ago, and it is third season of his fly fishing this year. He is still beginner yet but got two nice trout in the day!

It was fine day and many insect were hatching. Therefore trout rising a lot except evening time(!)

It's lovely stream and one of poplar spot.

This is first fish of the day I caught and we call it "Amago"
that is domestic trout in Japan and a sort of variety of Yamame.
It has small red spot on own body. So lovely! 

I got a nice rainbow that is under photo on Snuf's rod when I was demonstration
how to flycasting to him.  It was a fantastic moment for me!

Third trout I caught.

Lunch time.

And coffee break. We were talking about fly fishing very much.

Snuf at forest stream. I like this spot.

And he caught nice rainbow!

Trout, peaceful place and friendship. It's fine day.
Tight line!

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