July 13, 2016

Salvelinus trip for the first time in almost a year

Our three Salvelinus lovers were gathering at Fukui prefecture in Japan. There is pretty fantastic place!

 [First river]
The first river of our trip is a really small stream and a kind of headwaters. You know, we have to bush-climbing and walk across in a deep forest before arrived the stream.

Trees, rocks and fallen trees. Everything is covered green in the forest. It's an amazing mysterious world indeed. 

And I met several number of Salvelinus as the spirit of forest!

[Second river]
Second river is a sentimental stream of Hira-san who is not only one of member but also he was going fishing to the river many times by bicycle when he was a boy. And I got a beauty.

[Third river]
This is our mainly mountain stream of trip. There is also beautiful forest, beautiful river and beautiful fish. We were relaxing in perfect nature.

One of member Yoshikazu.
This trip is him first fly fishing and already he got the skill of fly casting.
Doing many practice in a park he said.

Good job my dryfly as terrestrial insect.

Yes, we are happy!
It will be ending rainy season soon later and coming mid-summer. Enjoy your fishing in summer.
Tight line!

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