September 20, 2016

Colorado style meets Japanese trout! Day 1

My friend Kevin came to Tokyo from Colorado and went to fly fishing two days.
First day, we went to "Yozawa fly fishing stream" that is a private mountain river in Tokyo. And it takes two hours from Shinjuku, one of biggest terminal in Tokyo by train and bus.

It seem like a picture of "A River Runs Through It", right?!

The club house of "Yozawa fl fishing stream".

We had to register on office in club house at first. We were 15th and 16th angler of the day and finally 27 anglers join in the river.
The river is a part of Yozawagawa river and distance is four kilometers / 2.5 miles.

Are you ready? Here we go!

Kevin was fishing as Colorado style. Bobber rig with two or three nymph.

He caught first fish in Japan on pink worm!

Second fish on Beads head nymph.

Purple worm is fine work too.

I tried to Colorado style first time in life with Kevin's rod.

And few minutes later, fish on!

This fish was not only my first fish of the day but also my first fish on Colorado style!
Thank you, Kevin!

We were fish and walk to upstream.

Japanese dace, one of carp family.

Nice rainbow on my favorite pheasant tail nymph.

We had lunch in a restaurant beside river.
Soba noodle, curry rice and tasty cold tea.

Fishing again after lunch.

Nice rainbow trout in waterfall.

Biggest trout of the day in waterfall he caught!

And finally he caught Yamame that is domestic trout in Japan.
Landlocked Cherry salmon.

So lovely fish he caught!

Baby brown trout on dtyfly.

This was last fish on pheasant tail nymph.

Kevin caught many nice trout on Colorado style in the day. Actually it was exiting day for me too.
Generally, we are using small indicator with one nymph when we nymphing in Japan and I thought that can't notice strike of fish when use big bobber rig. But the system (and Kevin) caught many fish! Fantastic job!!

After fishing of the second day, I got some bobbers, pink worm flies and advice. I will try Colorado style in Japan.
Thank you, Kevin!

Yozawa river will close fishing season from November 1st to February 28th.

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