September 12, 2016

Yamame, Brown and Rainbow

I went to fly fishing to "Yozawa fly fishing stream", one of private trout river in Tokyo and it takes two hours by train and bus from Shinjuku major station.

Club house and office.

First rainbow trout of the day on wetfly.

Spanish style wetfly "mosca ahogada".


So beautiful. Caught on dry fly.

The brownie's hole.

Nice rainbow on dry.

On BH nymph.

Yamame on peasant tail nymph.

Rainbow trout too.

Shabby nymph.

Caught many rainbow trout on nymph in gentle stream.

The last one of the day.

on Royal wulff.

Rough water for dry fly.

We can see country viewing.

Why don't you go fly fishing trip in Tokyo? Join us!

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