April 12, 2018

James and Mason, fish on!

Last Tuesday, I went to fly fishing trip to Oshino with James and Mason who are from west coast, US.

James is advanced fly caster and made beautiful loop and lovely presentation fly at point.
And I thought that he knows how to catch rainbow trout when I saw his nymph case. That's really good collection.

Actually, he caught first trout on the river when less than 15 minutes from arrived!
This was his first fish in Japan. Congrats!

And his second fish was Yamame that is Japanese domestic fish.

Mason said to me that he began fly fishing before two monthes(!) however he also caught nice rainbow on BH pheasant tail nymph.
Good job!

Actually, it was strong wind and cold day, and the fish slower than last time. So, you are very good fly anglers!

Thank you for join guys and tight line!

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