May 03, 2018

Yoshi, fish on!

 I guide Yoshi and his friend in "Yozawa fly fishing stream" that is a kind of private stream.
 Yoshi has middle class fishing skill and his friend isn't fly fishing beginner but also hadn't been every style of fishing. And he had to learn basic skill of fishing.
 Actually, I taught how to fly casting: Roll cast, Pick up and Ray down, False cast and shoot. Every beginner can get those skill if practice just 45 minutes.

Yoshi enjoyed bending curve of fishing rod.

Don't forget Elk hair caddis in Japan.

Got a basic skill and tried to fishing on nymph.

My best favorite dry fly "Royal coachman".

Light cahil. Also my favorite one in Spring.

Lovely landscape.

Yoshi fishing in a fall and got several rainbow trout.

 It was lovely day!
 Yoshi got more than ten trout and his friend also three. Especially, I found lovely pool and we enjoyed Super evening rise fishing! It was really Mayfly dream.
 Tight line!

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