May 23, 2018

Ron, fish on!

Last Monday, Ron from US and I went to fly fishing trip to Oshino. It was pretty peaceful day!

At the day, there is not so many angler but fishes were very spooky. Actually, before the day gathering lot anglers as usual weekend, I thought. That is "Oshino", the mecca of fly fishing in Japan. 

However, the spring creek was also really peaceful and we enjoyed relax time in nature. We could see hatching something insects, trout were doing quick rise, heard lovely sounds of birds and perfect Mt Fuji. It was beautiful day.

And he caught nice Rainbow trout on small black nymph. Good job, Ron!

At evening, caught a Brown trout on "Light cahill" dryfly and two Rainbow trout on "Jock" wetfly also.

By the way, I heard that he is very interested in Gyotaku art and we were trying Gyotaku in riverside when he caught a trout.
How do you feel, Gyotaku? Of course, we did release the fish after Gyotaku work  and the fish went to back to the river.

It may be different memory of photo and I can provide Gyotaku if you desired.
Why don't you go fishing trip in Japan?! Join us and tight line! ;)

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