June 30, 2014

The trout day!

June 29.
I went to fly fishing to "Oshino" alone. It doesn't end of rainy season yet but yesterday was the summer day.

It's summer!

Stream in a forest.

The summer also means Terrestrial insect's season.

Caught Rainbow on Foam beetle

Caught baby Rainbow on Foam ant.

The Royal Coachman is also popular dry fly in summer.

Japanese char.

Wild face of char.

Don't look at me on your eye, please... ;)

Good job!

Rain back to the river at evening. Yes, it's rainy season yet.

Yesterday, it was really fantastic trout day. Probably I caught nearly 20 trouts. That number is almost impossible in Tokyo area and I'm so exiting! ;)

Hey, don't still thinking and you should go to the river!
Tight line.

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A carping day

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