September 11, 2014

A day trip to Lake Kawaguchi

Sept 9.
I guide Italian group to Lake Kawaguchi and we spent a day on the lake as relax.

In the waiting room of Highway bus terminal.

The highway bus.

Valentino and Rossella.

Claudio and Giorgia

It's fine day!

Bluegill on gurgler midget.


It was windy...

After fishing, we had "Udon" noodle in a cafe in Kawaguchiko station.

Black bass?
Well, the day was NOT so good for fish. Actually it was windy for typhoon that was gone a day before.
But,,, you know, we are understanding that catching fish is NOT important for fishing!

Keep casting and enjoy own trip! ;)

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A carping day

This was my last fishing in 2018 year and it's a carping day.