September 25, 2014

Lake and river in Oku-Nikko

SN and I went to Oku-Nikko and enjoy autumn fly fishing.

Coming autumn little by little in Lake Yunoko.

[Lake Yunoko]
Rest house.

Sunny day.


And me.

There were rise around the rock.

Don't strike, should take a coffee brake.
You know, insulated mug is also fishing stuff!

Yes, I did.

Black caddis.

Fish on! again.

Brook trout on Pheasant tail nymph, my favorite.

Found a pairing of Himemasu, landlocked Sockeye salmon.
We understood it is end of fishing season.

[Yukawa river]
Yukawa river.

Pretty beautiful Brookie!

See you next season, bye!!

Autumn colored leaves and flying caddis.

Brown caddis.

Oku-Nikko field will be closed trout season in October 1st.
Keep casting and enjoy last fishing in this year!

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