April 11, 2015

Caught a carp in Tamagawa

April 10.
It was cold and rany day, Christoph and I went to evening-fishing for catfish in Tamagawa river, Tokyo.

We found several fishes at shallow. Catfish or carp?

We were lure fishing for catfish at first. But strike nothing... 

Fishing for carp at next point.

Many carps feeding something on the surface.

Cast, drift and cast again...

Fish on!?

Returned hook with a scale. It was nice carp.

These are typical carp rig: funny casting float with short leader hook..
And the bait is bread in general.

And fish on, again!

Yes, nice carp! You did it Christoph!

It was pretty nice carp but gone into river before took a photo... Sorry Christoph, it was my error. :(

Well, we can enjoy casual fishing in Tamagawa river and there is close to central of Tokyo.

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