August 08, 2015

Midsummer in Oshino

Aug 6th.
NY and I went to fly fishing to Oshino. Recent days were very very hot day and what do you think about trout fishing?

There are high water than general water level.

Lock on the trout in forest area.

There were no hatch and also no rise.

A bumble style fly.

And caught a rainbow.

Lovely fish.

My friend NY.
He used his new Fenwick's rod and got eight trout, good job!


It's midsummer landscape!

Dry corns.

Oshino area is not only fishing place but also famous sightseeing spot.

At evening, I choose a something wolf dry. 

And a rainbow too.
It was pretty hot too much but Oshino is the spring-creek and there are healthy trout very much.
Why don't you go trout fishing?
We can arrange fly fishing and lure fishing at Oshino. Here we go!

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