August 01, 2015

Salvelinus in summer!

I went to fishing trip to Fukui prefecture on 27 to 30 July. Fukui is a part of Hokuriku area and you may enjoy beautiful food or Dinosaur museum if you even aren't angler.

The mountain stream is a part of upper stream of Kuzuryu river that is the biggest river in Fukui. There is native Japanese char living in a stream.

The first fish isn't char.
It's Amago that is landlocked Satsukimasu salmon
and very similar Yamame trout. 

It's my first Iwana, char.

We call Iwana for char / Salvelinus.

So lovely.

Transparent body.

I lost biggest Iwana in this pool... :(

Amago. You can see small orange spot on body, right?
It's sign of Amago and Yamame doesn't those orange spot.
Approximately, Amago lives in western Japan and Yamame lives in east.

The cool Amago!

Misty river.

It's drown cicada I took.

And I got several Iwana on foam cicada fly!

Fantastic job!!!

Royal wolf for evening time. It's visible fly than royal coachman.

Typical Iwana in mountain stream.

A simplest caddis.

This is the last fish of my trip.
Japanese char, Iwana is pretty mysterious fish. Actually they can walk(?) on the rock as snake.
The Iwana is not only beautiful fish as trout but also fairy fish.

I can say about Iwana and this fishing trip, "Fantastic"!


  1. Looks like a great trip! Congratulations on catching your first Iwana, she is a beauty :)

    1. Thank you Isaac. Actually it was lovely fishes and pretty fantastic trip!


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