March 28, 2016

First fishing trip to Oshino in new season

It was fishing trip to our usual trout stream "Oshino district" in Katsuragawa river, Yamanashi pref.

There is the spring creek beside Mt Fuji.

Fly fishing is Not easy at spring season. Actually not many insect and slow fishes... Especially "Oshino" is the mecca of fly fishing in Japan and difficult trout.
I think you will do good practice for midging.

First trout of the day.

on para-loop dun #18.

Soft hackle imerger #18. 

Para-loop dun, again.

Something dun / imerger with elk hair, #18.

Finally I got seven times lucky in fishing time. ;)
Now it beginning trout season and why don't you go fishing trip in Tokyo?!
Enjoy and tight line! 

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