May 15, 2016

A day of baby trout

When we went to fishing to a local river two weeks ago, we found super hatch of mayfly. And I went to the river for evening rise yesterday!

I arrived to the river at 15:30. It was still daytime and hot day.

There is growing river bush.

I got first fish at 17:00.

On mayfly.

A damselfly got a mayfly! I had never seen before.

This is last point for evening of the day and I was waiting mayfly's hatch.
However big hatch was nothing... :( 

I got baby... OMG!

On mayfly imerger.

And this is last fish of the day. Not trout...

Finally there was Not hatch and also evening rise... That doesn't mutter, I had very fun even if catch nothing. That is fly fishing, isn't it?

Enjoy and tight line!

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