May 09, 2016

Fly fishing in fresh green in Oshino

Yoshi and I went to Oshino district in Katsuragawa river, Yamanashi and there is one of our favorite place.

Yoshi got nice rainbow on humpy dryfly at evening time.

When I went to Oshino 3 weeks ago, it was still "Hanami" season and I was looking beautiful flowers of Sakura / Cherry blossom. Now, flower season was gone already and it's fresh green forest coming.

It's fine day, blue sky and Mt fuji!

Historical dwelling at sightseeing area.
It will be have fun even if you are Not angler.

Beautiful stream running as gentle in fresh green forest.

It's peaceful day.

Do you think, which fly is trout snack of the day?

I caught the first trout of the day on tiny Griffith's gnat.

Next rainbow on mayfly spinner #16.

Bigger rainbow on same dryfly.

Fished up a Brook trout on spinner in a rapid.

Yamame that is one of domestic trout in Japan and landlocked cherry salmon.

Finally I caught nice rainbow on wetfly at evening time.

We are able to fish up five species of trout; Rainbow trout, Brown trout, Brook trout, Yamame and Japanese char "Iwana". Yamame and Iwana are one of domestic trout in Japan.
I caught rainbow, brookie and yamame in the day. If you can fish up all species, it's "grand slum" and I will send a big(?) present for you! Would you try it? 

It was lovely day.

It will be fantastic fishing season in May and June. Why don't you go fishing to Japan?
Tight line!

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