April 24, 2017

Two Rainbows in local stream

 I went to fly fishing to my local small stream on Sunday and caught two rainbow trout.

 It was lovely sunny day and I might enjoy even just walking without fishing rod.

 Few hours later, I caught first fish of the day. Then the fish did rising in a pool and ate something small white on surface. So I did presentation small mayfly in front of the rise. It could not good drift fly at first cast and Second cast,,, I did. Fish on!

 He did jump three times till be in my hand. Feel so happy even a day later, now!

 And more one hour later, I caught second Rainbow trout on hair caddis fly when I was blind fishing (aka "No sight fishing"). 

 This is smaller than first one but pretty beautiful.

 Actually I caught just two but I was satisfied and back to home before evening. It was pretty fine fly fishing day.

 By the way, I did catch and release every time and I got one of wild vegetable "Nobiru" in Japanese and a kind of wild garlic.

 My family and I enjoy country cooking as "Miso" flavor.

Thanks and tight line!

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