June 18, 2018

David family, fish on!

David and his sons, Sebastian and Spencer joined fly fishing trip to "Oshino" last weekend.

This trip was their first fly fishing trip and we did practice of fly casting at first when we arrived the river.

They did basic skill of fly casting after 30 minutes later. Especially, big brother Sebastian is brilliant talent of casting and fishing. Actually, he did understand a kind of logic of fly fishing.  

Of course, the most important things of fly fishing is "feel the nature", right? And he said to me that want to change fly to bigger dry fly when he saw some rise. And he got several trout on dry fly that he choose. You know, this was first fly fishing day in him life!

It was cold, rainy day and slow. Actually, fish doesn't so active and I can say tough too. But I'm happy if they did enjoy and relaxing in nature.

Thank you David and tight line!

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