June 08, 2018

Fly fishing in Oshino with Yoshitomo

May 27th, Yohitomo and I went to fly fishing trip to Oshino and it was his first fishing day in this season.
How's about fish, Yoshitomo? ;)

It was really lovely day.
Actually, something insect was hatching through in the day but Rise was not so much.

And we were fishing on nymph at the day time. Especially Beads head pheasant tail nymph is my best favorite nymph.

Around 18:00, I found some rise for small caddis and I got two rainbow trout on elk hair caddis. It is very usuful dry fly in Japan even if no hatching caddis.

If you have fishing plan in Japan and want to dry fly fishing, I recommend elk hair caddis.

At evening, trout became active and I caught several fish on royal coachman as wet fly.

That's all. Caught nothing big one but it was peacefull as usual.

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