August 27, 2014

Summer vacation / a little fishing in Canada

My family and I went to Ontario, Canada for vacation from 15th to 26th, August and had been in my best friend's house.
You know, it was family trip and was not fishing expedition. But my friend Senya and I went to fishing several times. :)



[Trout fishing in a creek]
There is fantastic river (may be). Actually biggest trout's school will come into river as Spring run on April from lake Ontario but it is August now. Big trout went away to down already... :(
So we fished up baby trout.

Let's go to the fairyland!

Senya using center pin reel and float rig in pool.

I was fishing on dry fly in fast water.

Creek chub.

Brook trout.

 I think it is a baby brown trout.

[Bass and panfish in a Rice lake]
It was tough condition indeed. Actually our fishing day was just after turn over.
Finally I caught a lot of crappie, bass, bluegill and walleye. It might not so bad.

Sun rise.

Largemouth bass.

Smallie on cricket.

My "Wheatley"streamer box.

Very effective zonker streamer.

Crappie on Zonker streamer fly.

Boat pier at Ridgeview Cottages.

Bass on popper.



Smallie on popper.

Pumpkinseed on pencil bait.


Lures that made by myself.

I caught several Walleye as boy.

Senya caught big one! Envy him ;)

Seagull on a lake.


Oneday, Senya cooked crappie as steam for us.
It was fantastic tasty fish!!! :)

Vacation trip is over but don't stop fishing.
Keep casting and tight lines!

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