August 04, 2014

Yoshi, fish on!

August 3.
Yoshi and I went to Oshino distrct of katsuragawa river and it was him first fly fishing day!

First of all, I taught basic skill of fly casting and he did workout about 30 minutes.

He already made fly line loop.
You know, just 30 minutes workout!

He caught first trout on fly in his life.

Fish on!

Youshi, you did it!

Beautiful Yoshi's second rainbow.

There are many beetles on riverside. Yes, it's summer.

I caught first trout of the day on midge sized mayfly (#20).

On light cahill (#14).

On light cahill again at evening.

As you know, fly casting is NOT easy. But if you can spend 30 minutes for practice of fly casting, you may fished up a trout even first fly fishing of your life!
Why don't you try fly fishing?!

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