August 01, 2014

Camp and fly fishing in Oku-Nikko.

July 29 - 31.
Went to fly fishing camp to Oku-Nikko and fished up Brook trout and Rainbow in lake Yunoko and Yukawa river.

Oku-Nikko is one of my favorite place and it takes about four hours by train and bus from Tokyo. There is at over 1,400 meter elevation and cooler than Tokyo and beautiful place indeed.

[Camp site]
Our camp site is close to lake Yunoko and there is simple and quiet.

My tiny soft house at day.

And at evening.

Morning coffee.


A meal.

Siesta under the tarp.

After fishing.

Dragonfly on the boots.

[Fishing in lake Yunoko]
Yunoko is small lake, actually we can walk around for one hour.

I caught Rainbows and Brookies on bank. There is many many trout in the lake and you may find several rise every time. And I was using only dry fly even in the lake.

[Fishing in Yukawa river]
Yukawa is fantastic river in deed! Actually it is running from lake Yunoko to lake Chuzenji and there is  the lower reaches of stream in moorland.

Abercrombie and fish!

Tiny beetle wet.

*Here is fishing in Yukawa 2013.

[Senjogahara moorland]
There is wild moor land and we call "Senjogahara".

The cuckoo.

Why don't you go to Oku-Nikko area?!
There is the paradise for angler, hiker and more nature lover!

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