March 04, 2017

How many species can we fish in Tokyo area?

You can fish many species on our usual fishing trip!

Yoji, fish on!

The fish list

イワナ Iwana.
Japanese char.

ヤマメ Yamame.
Landlocked Cherry salmon.

ニジマス Nijimasu.
Rainbow trout.

Brown trout.

Brook trout.

ウグイ Ugui, Woogooi.
Japanese dace.

オイカワ Oikawa.
Pale chub.

カワムツ Kawamutsu.
Dark chub.

アブラハヤ Abura-haya.
Amur minnow.

コイ Koi.

フナ Funa.
Freshwater bream.

Black bass / Larghmouth basss.

Smallmouth bass.

ナマズ Namazu.
Japanese catfish.

アメリカナマズ Amerika-namazu.
Channel catfish.

スズキ、シーバス Suzuki, Sea bass.
Japanese sea perch.

Which specie do you want to fish? Enjoy your fishing and tight line!

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