June 02, 2017

Erin, fish on!

 Erin and I went to fly fishing trip to Oshino.

Lunch of Soba noodle before fishing! Really tasty.

 Oshino district of Katusragawa river is the most famous spring creek in Japan and there is close to Mt Fuji.

 Erin came from United States and this trip is her 2nd fly fishing. 1st time in Utah and caught four trout and how many catch fishes in 2nd time? Here we go! 

Fish is fish. Good job Erin!

 Finally she caught three trout and lost one fish. Actually got four time hits. Well, Oshino is Not easy fishing but she caught three at second time fly fishing. It's really great. Actually a kind of fly fisherman is catch nothing at several time fishing in Oshino.

 It was cloudy but Mt Fuji appeared at evening. Congrats Erin! ;)

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