June 06, 2017

Salvelinus fishing trip

 Last weekend, I went to Salvelinus / Japanese char fishing trip to Fukui prefecture where is one of dinosaur country and my friend "Hira-san" lives in there.

 It's pre-summer season yet however there are already fantastic world of green forests.  Go ahead!

 Salvelinus in Japan is really mysterious fish. Actually, they have different body color depend on the river and sometimes we can meet strange fish that has round body section like as eel and it can stand on ground and it can walk as snake also!

 In Japan, a kind of fisherman thought that Salvelinus is not only fish but also Spirits of mountainstream or forest. Actually I feel holy when catch Salvelinus in the headwaters.

 Finally, Hira-san, thank you very much for your guide and hospitality. I will be back in mid-summer again!

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