June 26, 2017

Largemouth bass in hard rain day

 At last Sunday, I went to a reservoir in Chiba prefecture and joined "The 3rd Bass Bugging Meeting". 

 It was hard rain day but gathering ten more Bassfly anglers. And we went to on the water by own small watercraft. 

Float tubing is really good craft for bass.

It was hard rain almost in all day.

I was fly fishing from inflatable kayak.

And first bass on the day.

On yellow gurgler.

Second bass I fished on red balsawood popper.

See you!

And nice bluegill.

I caught several nice size bluegill on popper.

These are fancy bass flies tied by Masaru Nakayama who isn't only my friend but also bassfly tier.

And my bassflies. ;)

 Actually, it was not lovely condition for fishing but we enjoyed fishing and chatting very much. Thank you for call me, Masaru! and see you next gathering.

 Hey, certainly it's rainy season but fish is wet every time, right?!
 Keep casting and tight line!

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